About Us

Our Mission

At Logic Land, our mission is to make programming fun and accessible for kids and teens. We aim to foster creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills through engaging and interactive coding courses.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every child and teen can harness the power of coding to bring their imaginative ideas to life, shaping a generation of innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate educators and experienced programmers dedicated to providing a supportive and enriching learning environment for all students.

Our History

Founded with the vision of making coding accessible to all, Logic Land has grown into a trusted educational platform, inspiring thousands of students to explore the world of programming.

Scratch Course

Our Scratch course is designed for kids aged 8 and above. It introduces the basics of coding through fun, interactive projects, enabling students to create their own stories, animations, and games.

Python Course

Aimed at teens aged 13 to 18, our Python course teaches coding using the Codester platform. Students will learn to create programs, games, and interactive projects, gaining valuable skills in a fun and supportive environment.