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Empowering Young Minds


At Logic Land, we pride ourselves on being the pioneers in online coding education for kids. Our program is designed from the ground up to provide the most effective and enjoyable learning experience for kids and teens. With our carefully crafted curriculum, expert teachers, and advanced tools, we ensure a seamless virtual learning journey.

Curriculum Crafted for Online Learning

Our curriculum is meticulously designed for the online environment. It is continuously updated with vibrant visuals and engaging projects that keep students excited and motivated.

Expertly Trained Online Teachers

Our educators undergo rigorous training to master online teaching techniques. They deliver an enjoyable and effective learning experience, backed by ongoing support and professional development.

State-of-the-Art Online Tools

We have developed proprietary tools over 10,000 hours to provide a professional coding platform for students. These tools allow real-time feedback and guidance from teachers, ensuring an interactive learning process.

Welcome to Coding Adventures!

Empowering the next generation of coders with fun and interactive courses.

Scratch for Kids

Dive into the exciting world of programming with Scratch! Perfect for children eager to learn coding basics in a fun, engaging way. Scratch is designed to help kids create interactive stories, animations, and games effortlessly.

  • Understand fundamental programming concepts.
  • Create animations, stories, and games using Scratch.
  • Develop problem-solving skills through coding challenges.
  • Encourage creativity by designing unique projects.

Python for Teens

Embark on a coding journey with Python, ideal for teens aged 13 to 18. This versatile language allows you to create programs, games, and interactive projects, making it a perfect introduction to coding.

  • Learn core programming principles with Python.
  • Build interactive programs and games.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills through coding projects.
  • Innovate and design your own interactive experiences.

Course Highlights

Curriculum Designed for Online Learning

Our curriculum is crafted specifically for online education, continually updated with engaging visuals and projects.

Expert Online Teachers

Our educators are extensively trained to provide a fun and successful online learning experience.

Advanced Online Tools

Utilize our proprietary tools, developed over 10,000 hours, offering a pro-level coding platform with real-time feedback.

Detailed Course Outlines

Scratch Course

  • Introduction to Scratch Interface: Sprites, Backgrounds, and Basic Blocks
  • Getting Started with Coding: Sequences, Loops, and Events
  • Creating Animations: Motion, Looks, and Custom Animations
  • Building Interactive Stories: User Input, Branching Narratives, Sound Effects
  • Designing Games: Game Design Principles, Variables, and Conditionals
  • Sharing Your Creations: Publishing, Collaborating, Showcasing

Python Course

  • Introduction to Python Interface: Blocks and Scripts, Variables, Functions
  • Getting Started with Coding: Sequences, Loops, and Events
  • Creating Programs: Implementing Variables and Functions, Control Flow
  • Building Interactive Games: Game Design Principles, Variables, Conditionals
  • Designing Interactive Projects: User Input, Branching Narratives, Sound Effects
  • Sharing Your Creations: Publishing, Collaborating, Showcasing

Class Details

  • Classes will be provided by Logic Land as per the school's confirmed schedule.
  • Classes are held once or twice a week for 1 hour each.
  • Weekly projects for practice and concept reinforcement.
  • Graduation exam upon course completion to progress to the next level.
  • Certificate awarded upon course completion from Logic Land.

Empower Your Child's Future

Logic Land's online coding classes for kids are the most engaging and effective way for your child to learn programming. We are dedicated to providing your child with a significant advantage: academically, socially, and in technology. Here's how we make our unique magic happen:

Teacher teaching computer coding

Top-Tier Instructors for Superior Learning

Students thrive when guided by expert educators. At Logic Land, we select only the top 2% of applicants who are tech industry professionals with a passion for teaching. Continuous training and evaluations ensure your child receives unparalleled education.

Comprehensive Curriculum for Lasting Success

Our structured curriculum guides students through progressive levels, tailored for different age groups. Using pop-culture themes and hands-on projects, we teach essential coding skills in languages like Python and JavaScript, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience.

Checklist for curriculum
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Advanced Tools Tailored for Young Coders

We provide students with a custom-built online code editor that combines professional-grade capabilities with user-friendly features. Refined over 10,000+ hours, our platform ensures your child builds functional applications from their very first class.

Dedicated Support Beyond the Classroom

Our commitment extends beyond the classroom with comprehensive support services. These include homework assistance, recorded class videos, community discussions, live 1-on-1 office hours for advanced courses, how-to videos, and detailed documentation. All designed to ensure your child's success.

Student at home in coding class

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